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The Tian Xian (pronounced "Dianne Sean") products are herbal dietary supplements. The active herbal ingredients aims to control, inhibit and destroy cancer cells. It''s function is complementary to that of western therapies.

What is Tian Xian Liquid?
Tian Xian Liquid was inspired by the traditional Oriental therapeutic spirit. It serves to relieve body heat, enhance metabolism, nurture blood and the Qi, and regulate body conditions. It helps establish a balance in the body, allowing it to manage deficient cells, ithout harming the healthy cells and organs.


“Tian Xian Liquid” is the latest contribution of the International Rehabilitation of Cancer Association to all cancer patients in the world. It represents a new breakthrough in man’s struggle against cancer and is yet the best news for cancer patients.

The clinical experiments conducted on over more than 10,000 cancer patients in over 20 nations proved that the latest discovery of a Chinese medical researcher, Wang Zhen Guo’s Tian Xian Liquid has an efficacy rate of 80.7%. This is especially true for cancer patients in the middle or late stages of illness. This treatment is more effective when compared against other anti-carcinogens.

This product was awarded by the State Ministry of Health and the State Medical Administration of China. Some of it’s achievements include: The Highest Honors in the 38th World Eureka Invention Expo, including the Award for the World’s Best Individual Invention, Medal of Honor from the King of Belgium, the General’s Medal and the Knight’s Medal.

Tian Xian Liquid is made with purely natural substances with no trace of any chemical composition. It has anti-oxidant qualities scavenging for harmful free radicals. It is non-toxic. It increases the anti-cancer function of the body’s defense system. Therefore, stimulating and strengthening the immune system’s anti-cancer function of the human body and inhibits the tumor growth.

Tian Xian Liquid comes in 20ml vials for oral consumption. Each course lasts 30 days. The best time to take the dosage are 9 am, 3pm, 9pm, 20cc consumed each time. A total of 40ml to 60ml is to be taken per day. It can also be taken as a health drink (20ml per day) for the prevention of cancer.

After taking the Tian Xian Liquid, conditions of hair loss, falling teeth, insomnia, anemia, etc., will be minimize. Clinical experiments showed that significant results will be achieved after continuous dosage from 7 to 21 days. After taking 4 to 6 courses, the cancerous cells in the human body will be under control. They may cease to multiply rapidly and at times diminishes. Thus, extending the life span of the patients and eliminating the threat of death. It is necessary to avoid ingesting or exposure to carcinogenic substances, such as insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, nitrosamines, etc.


The ingredients of Tian Xian Liqiud are select from Changbai Mountian, the unpolluted region in Northeastern China. They are processed with the latest technologies applied in GMP pharmaceutical factory, thus making Tian Xian Liquid a pure and non-toxic complementary herbal medicine. As a result, Tian Xian Liquid is not only qualified to meet the US FDA requirements for dietary supplements, but it also registered as traditional therapeutic natural e xtract in Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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