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Modern and advanced Western medical treatments
Have you chose your cancer treatment correctly? These treatments of cancer are most promoted and the methods are many-faceted. The main treatment programs of the conventional western
Development of Complementary and Integrated Medicine
For over forty years, the main medical field of different countries have examined and proved that Conventional Medicine, CM, such as surgery
The New Trend of Anti-Cancer Herbal Mixture Medicine
For a long time, western medicine and Chinese medicine have been two distinct blocks. Though Chinese physicians do not generally
Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the New Trend in Japan
It is the task of the medical professionals to unveil the mask of cancer, and the wish of the cancer patients and their families for the former
Theoretical Basis of Chinese Medicine
Strengthening Positive Elements but Never Assisting Negative Ones;
Complementary & Alternative Medicine
The global megatrend of cancer treatment has advanced to a new phase called Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM). Apart from surgery
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